Airtel 36GB plus 15000

How to Get 36GB + 15000 Naira Airtime and a New Phone on Airtel

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36GB of Data on Airtel plus 15,000

Today, we are going to unravel the biggest secret on how to get 36GB worth of data, plus 15000 Naira Airtime to call. This also includes a brand new phone from Airtel. Although, not free but the value is clearly more than the pay. 36GB of data will nothing less than 15,000 Naira, when added to the 15,000 Naira airtime, you will get a total of 30,000 Naira. I am also prettily sure that the phone will cost nothing less than 6,000 naira.

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Now, the cost of the phone added to that of the 30,000 Naira bonus will give you 36,000 naira. You pay just 6,000 naira and get 36,000, is that not a whopping offer from Airtel? That is 500% extra value for your money. Instead of buying a phone outside why don’t you try Airtel Smart store and enjoy this land breaking promo?


The promo will last for 6 months flat. No activation code needed. To buy the phone click here.

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