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10 Public Places in Lagos, Nigeria with free WiFi Hotspot

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Why Free WiFi is Scarce In Nigeria?

Why is free WiFi scarce?

Looking for a free WiFi Hotspot in a public centre in Nigeria is like chasing the wind. Maybe it is because of our current technological condition or due to high rate of poverty. Or is it because of the high cost of data? maybe its because most Nigerians are stingy. All the WiFi would have been locked by hard to guess passwords.I found it in Lagos

A general character that pertain to most human beings is that we love free stuffs. One man once said that: “To know people’s behavior and character ask them to queue for a free thing and see how they will mess up”. Although, this wasn’t the point am driving to. However, I must take time to analysis some important points.

No matter what the situation may be, there are still some places in Lagos state where you can get free WiFi Hotspot. After much researches and findings, I finally discovered some few verified places you can get free Hotspot from without bending any rule.


Some Verified Hotspot Center in Lagos, Nigeria

I love free WiFi in Lagos

    1. Blue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stations: this was the first free place I discovered a free WiFi Hotspot in Lagos state. This is due to the fact that, all the Blue buses (as Lagosians would call the BRT) has free WiFi in them for passengers. When they come to their garage or they are being parked their, WiFi connection is always available to all the surroundings for free. Better still, you can board the BRT to access the Hotspot for free.
    2. Chicken Republic, Surulere: will you mind eating a meal and use the internet for free? If your answer is No, then visit Chicken republic at Surulere. Here you can use Free WiFi and have a delicious meal.
    3. Muritala Muhammad International Airport: Don’t tell me you aren’t aware that most Airporta offer free WiFi. MMIA isn’t exempted, Pay a visit to the airport and use the Internet unlocked.
    4. Golden Tulip Hotel: hotels are not backward in terms of rolling in new technologies. This is to serve customers better and win the torrent competition in the Hotel Industry. Golden Tulip is one of those hotels dedicated to serving customers, they provides free WiFi for customers that lodge.
    5. Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi: like the Golden Tulip above, Southern Sun Hotel also gives free WiFi to lodged customers. You can have a refreshing time to enjoy it!
    6. White House, commercial avenue Yaba: I don’t know want they do here but it seems to be a commercial center. Whenever you visits Yaba you can branch at the commercial avenue and connect to their network.
    7.  The Childville School Library, Bola Shonoiko Avenue: no kidding! This school library is 100% fitted with free data network! Anytime you go around the school you can hang around and use some of their internet.

Other Less Verified Spot

  1. E-center, Yaba: I have never been to this place before but I have confirmed that there is free WiFi there. Yaba has a lot of free internet Hotspot.
  2. Westown Hotel, Opebi: another hotel on the list has free that has free 100% unlocked WiFi for its customers. Maybe if you visit there, you can have a slice of your money back by using free WiFi.
  3.  Sweet Kiwi, Admiralty way: The last on the list do you know this place or live around here you can visit there for free WiFi. To be sincere, I haven’t heard of this place talkless of visiting here, but from report I heard there is free WiFi there.

Disclaimer notice: we hereby claim no liability for using this Free WiFi. This write was a research project and should be considered as made for education purpose only.

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