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By Estila

13 thoughts on “BEST WAYS to PREPARE – Upcoming NEW CLASS & BOOSTS in LOST ARK”
  1. For anyone making a glaiver make sure to make your female martial artist today and do NOT select an advanced class and let it sit that way next week when she comes out you will have a full week of rested XP ready for when she releases

  2. I think the daily login will help us a lot last time there was 60000 shards on the 5th day of login or something like that. Great video

  3. Great video
    Personaly I kept all the T1/T2/T3 chest they gave us since the start so even if im a f2p player I will be able to be T3 at the end of the first day

  4. This is good for people who truly like the glaivier. I feel like there’s people that will quit the game after doing all of this and realizing they don’t like the class. Glaivier is just a phase for many. It’s a new class ofcourse everyone’s hyped but sooner than later they’ll know and it’s sad a lot of big streamers or w.e hype this class so much. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great class but for sure not everyone’s gonna genuinely enjoy it.

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