asmongold quit lost ark it’s pay to win

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By Estila

  1. This is the one take you have that I completely disagree with, I hope to see you look into this in alot more depth, as there are honestly predatory practices in play.

  2. The reason it’s predatory is because some people aren’t smart enough NOT to blow money on in game crap, thus why these sort of companies literally pay millions of dollars to data scientists like myself to figure out ways to maximize profits and lure in players; even those that have a bit more self control. They want everyone to whale out, not just 2 or 3. My job wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a company purposely trying to figure out psychological ways to get you to take your money.

  3. Asmongold is like personal accountability the government won't protect you but I remember him saying government controlling Twitter would be good hmmm

  4. So it's a game with a very time consumming grind aspect that can be sped up/bypassed through an internal cash shop. Am I right ? If yes then it's 100% predatory. No amount of mental gymnastics about people needing to be accountable will change that fact. The forbiden apple is right there dangling in front of your eyes : that's temptation no matter what. You'd almost wonder if he's not getting fat cash from the devs of this game.

  5. I mean Lost Ark IS predatory though, and that's why I refuse to play it. I know I'm prone to gambling addictions so I intentionally stay far away from games with predatory schemes. I understand some people can play them without being preyed upon, but I had to learn that I'm not one of those people in the most expensive way possible. It's not like I'm losing much by missing out on games like LA, and why not mention I don't drink either because of this. I live a much better life because of that, and if someone suffers from a gambling addiction, predatory games are still debatably a cheaper cure than actual gambling.

  6. if this game hadn't pvp and all the content was gated behind gears score it would be predatory , but here's it's just pay 2 progress and if you're not a retarded player you'll just chill & have fun while grinding.
    burning yourself over shitty una task/reroll is so stupid.

  7. He is wrong here. It’s very predatory. They literally follow the mobile model that has been fine tuned by literal psychiatrist and human behavior experts to prey on weaker humans minds. It’s fucked up and Asmon has turned into what he hated

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