Apex Console Players OUTRAGED… for GOOD Reason

Apex Console Players OUTRAGED… for GOOD Reason

JMeyels Here,
Apex Console Players are Outraged at the recent ranked glitched causing lobbies to crash. The fans are outraged because there still is no fix or announcement. Apex mobile also launched today with new legend Fade and some cool abilities.

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0:00 Hey Guys
0:33 Console Players Outraged
2:03 Apex Mobile Features in Main Game
4:27 New Legend Meta Releases

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Apex Console Players OUTRAGED… for GOOD Reason”
  1. Ps5 here and I keep having a sound glitch that sounds like a team dropping on a metal surface and it happens like every 30 seconds for the entire game and occurs about every three games. Pretty annoying

  2. Not ONLY the crashes but now there are hackers on console too now. Absurd, I don't know if it's a hack for PC to get into console lobbies but it's a thing now and I may be done with apex soon if this continues. I've been a day one player and these bugs are unacceptable. Invisible ring, no crosshairs, no audio, no hud. You name it, it is ridiculous

  3. Did everyone just forget that when they make a new map change the first week of the new season is just that map??? It’s always been like that idk why everyone is acting like it’s a new thing lol

  4. Bro I have been losing my mind over the console audio bug. I can't properly rank cause my teammates are PS players and I'm on xbox with no way to talk to them. I thought it was just me and I have been reinstalling the game, clearing caches and rebooting the console like crazy

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