Amazingly Fun Rust Server!

This server is so cool! Shoutout to Jordan Rants who I saw play on this server. Definitely worth a go on it if you get the chance as there is so much to do!

Huon’s games – PVP Arena
IP Address:

Social Media:

Outro Music:

Killercats – Kaibu
Via NoCopyrightSounds – />

By Estila

11 thoughts on “Amazingly Fun Rust Server!”
  1. We have just released our first Rust Survival Server!
    If you want to join than you just have to connect to this ip:
    Our Server will get wiped between 4-10 days. If the server isn't working fine and it will be unfair. We wipe the server instantly when many people want that!

    Thanks to everybody how wants to join on our server and help us growing our community!

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