ALL Secret Cutscenes In Grand Theft Auto V (ALTERNATE ENDINGS)

Its crazy that I’m still finding new Easter eggs, secrets and details in Grand Theft Auto V 8 years after release. GTA V has some really cool secret cutscenes that can be found in certain Grand Theft Auto 5 missions. In this video I’m going to try and cover all of the secret and hidden cutscenes in GTA V!

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “ALL Secret Cutscenes In Grand Theft Auto V (ALTERNATE ENDINGS)”
  1. It speaks volumes about Michael that he doesn't hesitate to join in on killing Trevor, but despite all the things he says about Michael throughout the game, Trevor will refuse to help you kill Michael.

  2. 11:32 I love trevor, So Much. So much so that i have never once picked any ending except deathwish. I also don't kill Michael for two reasons. One i HATE Devin weston and i would NEVER do ANYTHING that asshole tells me unless i ABSOULTY had to. Two, i found out during the kill Michael mission he gets a phone call from his daughter that she's going to college. I am not about to kill someone i kinda like just as their life is about to get better.

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