6 Features GTA 6 MUST Bring Back!

This video showcases 6 features that GTA 6 (GTA VI) must bring back!

While we patiently wait for GTA 6 leaks, official news, trailer, gameplay & release date announcement, let’s take a look at some awesome gameplay mechanics from past GTA games that we would love to see again!

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By Estila

12 thoughts on “6 Features GTA 6 MUST Bring Back!”
  1. What i hope will be in GTA VI is car crash physics from the UE5 demo on PS5 and XboX S/X The Matrix : Awakening, it has actually decent looking car damage that doesent just make the car shorter like in GTA IV, but instead make the hood actually bend in the middle or deform the roof in real lime

  2. Remember the first vid comment? Love how you have so many subs these days. keep up the good work. Your my favourite YouTube channel

    Seriously. 😁

  3. I'll be honest here I actually had a dream that GTA6 came out and there were six protagonist's and I was one of em and my dad was one of em as well in the story for me my mother step dad and brother get killed and then a gang saves my life and then after a bit I was going out of my way to get my revenge for whoever killed my family and for my dad he was missing me so much that he wanted to find me again and spend time with me again like old times (I miss him every day) but imagine being a protagonist yourself! That would be awesome!

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