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By Estila

13 thoughts on “16 AMAZING THINGS TO DO IN NO MAN’S SKY IN 2018”
  1. yea that whole thing about needing a good fighter for all the amazing PVP!!!! I have never even seen another player… soooooo that is not important

  2. im just going to guess that the new 2019 multiplayer update wont give us FULL multiplayer but if yes:
    how do you do multiplayer with personal save files?
    does that even work or would they remove the save system?

  3. I tried the game recently and it just feels the same. Some of the new stuff added was cool but it just feels the exact same. Even the planets all look the same, granted I went to only a handful but they were all the same with just different colors. I really tried to like the game though but it just get me hooked. I guess it draws only a select audience 😔

  4. I thought the story was a bit shit to be honest.

    Go there, talk to him. Go there, talk to him. Go there, talk to him. Go there, talk to him.
    It wouldn't be so bad it if didn't take so long to do even if you're rushing through it.

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