10 000 hours vs 10 hours in CS:GO

Is it worth to spend 10 000 hours on CS:GO?

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10 000 hours player HOUNGOUNGAGNE

10 hours player Idyl

By Estila

16 thoughts on “10 000 hours vs 10 hours in CS:GO”
  1. Does the orange wall workshop aim map also not work for someone? It worked fine for me before but now it just takes so long to load and when i finally spawn it's just totally broken and i thought that it doesn't work for everyone anymore but now i see the map being used here so i have no idea whats wrong

  2. 1.2 million people looking reach Youtubers?Fake pro players & 100% cheaters congrats 👏 followers. Subscribe /like & link at the description 😅🤣😂Lmao from Laos lol!

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